Emilie da Silva Stratford

(+61) 413 971 699


Emilie da Silva Stratford

Life & Soul founder, NLP practitioner, Reiki therapist, medium and clairvoyant.
Public speaker and Women Circles facilitator. Creator of the Emotional Support for Mums Program.

Em’s background is in Marketing, completing her MBA in Business Administration in 2003. However after working almost 20 years in senior marketing positions, Em decided to leave the corporate landscape and created Life & Soul.

While most would easily say she has found “her calling”, Em has actually been coaching, helping and healing friends and those in her circle for quite some time. This is before realising she had more than a talent, but rather a vocation she should transform into a new career, transforming the world around her by helping her clients on their own personal journeys.

When she became a mum, Em realised the importance of supporting other women in their own journeys of self healing. Nowadays Emilie runs weekly women’s circles and she’s also created a unique Emotional Support for Mums Program dedicated to mums and mums to be.

Em’s ultimate goal is to inspire and empower as many people as she can, by reminding them who they truly are.