Webinar with Psychic Medium Michele Reeves

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Collaborative Law

The Collaborative Process is about cooperation, not confrontation. It is a respectful means of dispute resolution without going to court.  In the Collaborative Process, collaborative lawyers and their clients are … Read More

Domestic Violence & Family Law

Domestic and Family Violence includes any behaviour, in an intimate or family relationship, which is violent, threatening, coercive, or controlling, causing a person to live in fear and to be … Read More

The Magic of Ka Huna Massage

What is Ka Huna Massage Ka Huna or (Lomi Lomi) is a form of bodywork originated in the Hawaiian Islands that has been passed down from generation to generation, it’s … Read More

Acupuncture for Immunity: Cold & Flu

In ancient times, a healthy respect for the cycles of the seasons and the sincere intent to harmonise with them was considered a passport to personal freedom. They were in … Read More

Mind Body Spirit

Just as every disease is a culmination of both the physical and metaphysical world, so too is no treatment complete without attending to both. In some cultures, Read More