Soothing Saturdays – Crystal Sound Healing & Meditation (Third Eye)

A 90 minute immersion into silence and serenity that will leave you completely rejuvenated, focused and floating on soft euphoric cloud of bliss!

This blissful session will focus on spiritual connections and tapping into your intuition by activating and cleansing your third eye chakra through a guided sound meditation.

The Third Eye is your spiritual vision beyond the tangible. It is, as many of you might have heard, our sixth sense. Having an open and active third eye allows you to become aware of the energy of your chakras and your aura. It also helps you sense and realise the energy around you. It allows you tap into and trust your intuition and manifest your psychic abilities. If your third eye chakra is blocked, it can affect how you process information, how you react to situations and your ability to concentrate. With an under active third eye, it might also be difficult to trust and be aware of universal messages that are there to help you receive confirmations on questions you need answers too.

During this 90 minute restorative sound meditation, you will be guided to gently cleans and heal the built up blockages of your chakra with the use of Tibetan sound healing bowls, soothing crystals, intentions and a mantra.


Feb 15 2020


10:00 am - 11:30 am



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Heart Space Manor
45 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction 2022


Julie Parmax
0414 410 426
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