Vocal Alchemy Workshop

Our voices are the bridge from our soul to the world.

How would you feel to be fully expressed with ease and grace through a deeper connection to the voice of your higher self, your authentic voice?

So many of us feel like there is a lump stuck in our throat or an energetic noose around our neck.

Even when we are inspired and perfectly aligned with our message, it’s still hard to get it out.

In these moments we lose our confidence, our momentum and ultimately go back into our shell instead of sharing what we know will help someone or even change the world!

The time is now to unleash your voice and create massive impact!

In this 3 hour group activation, you will learn how to breath your most natural breath that calms the nervous system and allows you to move from a place of knowing not doubting.
Using this breath to connect within will allow the inner voice to come through .

The group work allows us to collectively create energy and a synergy that can facilitate a powerful release.

This space gives us room to experiment with our voices, discovering an instrument we didn’t even know we had.

Working energetically through guided visualisation, meditation and breath-work, we give the body permission to let go of the stiffness, the tightness, the physical confinement we can feel when we are unable to speak up.


Oct 13 2019


10:00 am - 1:00 pm



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Heart Space Manor
45 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction 2022

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