Helen Penemenos

Helen Penemenos is the founder of Helena Rose Wellness, she is a WELLNESS CONSULTANT and expert with over 20 years’ experience both within Australia and internationally.

The blending of the two worlds – inner and outer is Helen’s passion and focus, where she impacts the lives of clients and takes them on a journey of discovery through her facilitated teachings/trainings and yoga sessions and unique anti-aging regimes.

Through Helen’s personal journey of self-enlightenment and study, she has taken her wellness practices to the next level.

She offers unique Ayurvedic Oxygen Facials, using her gifted deep facial massages and reiki energy to clear the path for cell renewal and rejuvenation combined with pure Oxygen therapy. This modality alleviates stress and reverses the anti-aging process for her clients.

Helen teaches group yoga as well as one-on-one yoga practices, personalised for her clients, using her reiki expertise. Being a reiki and NLP master, she has achieved great results in addressing her clients needs and enjoys seeing the results.


– Facialist

– Yoga practitioner

– Meditation

– Level 7 Reiki Master

– NLP practitioner

– Self-development talks/retreats

Her motto is: ‘Love of self, begins with self-care’.