Michele Reeves

Michele Reeves has been working professionally as a healer/life-soul path coach/ counsellor/ adviser/ psychic medium/ workshop and retreat facilitator for the past 20 years both in Melbourne where her career started and over the past 5 years here in Sydney.

Michele’s ‘gift’ has been since birth however her continued study has honed her skills over many years of continual study in varied areas of this industry.

Michele’s thirst for knowledge, self development and the desire to help others has allowed her clients to gain the benefit for her continued evolution of herself and her practice.

A session with Michele will surely touch your heart with the uses of so many different modalities to allow a client to get a real sense of clarity and healing by its completion.

“Get out of your head and into your heart. The answers will light you up”

Michele’s purpose on this planet is to assist people to find what lights them up- their soul purpose. Whether it be in matters of the heart, financially and professionally.

Her expertise is here to assist you to find wholistic and spiritual balance.

Some clients need to simply find soul direction while others may need closure from a loved one that has passed over, whilst others come to seek help for physical ailments.

Michele is here to assist in all areas, the beauty being that sessions can be custom designed to meet the needs of the individual in that very moment.