Selenge Baatartsogt

Selenge’s yoga journey began when she decided to leave her home town of Mongolia to move to Australia in 2010. From the onset she knew yoga was more than a simple practice, but a vocation she could dedicate her life too. As her thirst for knowledge grew and her experiences deepened, she organically developed a greater sense of patience, acceptance and a new freedom of body and mind. Her love and curiously of yoga lead her to India and Bali where she developed her teacher training.


Selenge currently teaches Five Elements Yoga Flow at Heart Space Manor every Wednesday and Thursday nights. Her class motto is simple: “Learning with love and care”. To ensure a deep focus to each individual’s needs, she provides attentive guidance through alignment correction, breath direction and also holding a safe and nourishing space for students to move and connect with their body freely.


In addition to her yoga teaching practice she also organises Steppeyoga, Yoga and Adventure Tours to Mongolia between June and August every year. A tour provides a truly unique wellness travelling experience, connecting both her love of yoga, nature and Mongolian culture. In her spare time, Selenge loves to attend music, arts and culture festivals; meeting, learning and dancing with people, whilst deeply connecting and honouring nature.